May 27, 2011

What's Your Opinion? The 2012 NFL Draft

By - Brian Harrington

Had an interesting topic come up while I was listening to sports radio this morning. If there ends up not being an NFL season, what happens with the draft next year? And if there is one, in what order should the teams pick?

Photo by: Getty Images
At first I thought they should just flip the order, thinking that would just be fair. But with Andrew Luck being the consensus top pick already (without having proven anything), I don't think the Packers need him.

It brings up an interesting point nonetheless, Do they flip the order? And if so, does that affect the order in which most of the players would be picked otherwise? Share your thoughts.


  1. Good question. I would say they would have to have a lottery, like the NBA. I don't really see any other way they could do it fairly. Hopefully it doesn't come to that though.

  2. That would be a tough call. They may just leave it in the same order as this years. What Will said would probably be the fairest way of doing it though.

  3. I would think they would do a lottery similar to what the NBA does. Like a random drawing.

  4. Everyone is talkin' about whats "fair", but that shouldn't even be an issue. It's not gonna be "fair" to Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or anyone else already in the NFL if they lose a year of their damn careers because of a stupid lock-out.

    So, if there's no season this year, there just shouldn't be a draft AT ALL next year. Guys like Andrew Luck and all the seniors or under under-classmen that wanna enter the draft should just have to miss a year of their careers just like the guys playing NOW and have to wait till the following year, or whenever they actually start playing again. It's not fair, but hey, neither is life.

  5. Agree w/ Kris. There shouldn't be a draft next year if there's no season.