May 29, 2011

Dan Wheldon Wins Indy 500

By - Kris Fletcher

Rookie JR Hildebrand was one turn away from winning the 100th anniversary edition of the Indianapolis 500.

But heading into the final corner, with his team officials and pit crew already raising their arms in celebration, Hildebrand lost control of his car and smashed into the wall.

Photo by: Getty Images
Even then, he nearly won anyway, as his car slid along the wall toward the finish line. However, the impact of the crash caused him to slow enough for Dan Wheldon to surge past in the final 200 yards for the victory. Hildebrand finished second.

But as Wheldon celebrated, Hildebrand launched a protest. When the caution flag came out because of his wreck, he was still the leader. Technically, the field is frozen when a caution comes out, meaning officials could rule Wheldon’s pass of Hildebrand didn’t count.

The official ruling is still under review.

If the win stands, it will be Wheldon's second career Indy 500 victory, and first since 2005. He finished second each of the last two years.


  1. Crazy, crazy finish to the race! Awful way for Hildebrand to lose it, but I'm glad Wheldon got the victory. Been going through some rough times with his mum lately, so it's a big emotional win for him.

  2. What a wild way for the race to end. Danica actually had the lead with like 15 laps to go.