June 4, 2011

Richard Childress and Kyle Busch Come to Blows

By - Brian Harrington

Sources say car owner Richard Childress and driver Kyle Busch were involved in a "physical confrontation" in the garage area of Kansas Speedway after the Camping World Truck Series race there Saturday night.

Photo by: Getty Images
The report says Childress approached Busch, then punched him. The two were separated momentarily, and insults were traded back and forth. Afterward, Childress grabbed Busch, put him in a headlock, and struck him several more times.

The altercation ensued reportedly because Busch (who finished 6th), tried to pass one of Childress' drivers, Joey Coulter (who finished 5th), after the race was already over. When Busch couldn't get around him, he "tapped" Coulter's side with his truck.

Ironically, Clint Bowyer (also for RCR), won the race, snapping Busch's win streak at three. Nascar is currently looking into the reported fight. Oh, and on a funny side note; Busch is 26, Childress is 65. Way to get whooped by an old man.

All this comes on the heels of the post race antics on May 8th after a Sprint Cup race at Darlington. On that day, after the race, Kevin Harvick (who drives for RCR), stopped at the entrance of pit lane and Busch parked right behind him. Harvick thought that Busch had intentionally wrecked him with a few laps remaining in the race. After a few minutes, Harvick climbed out of his car and walked over to Busch's window, throwing a punch. Busch then hit the gas and pushed Harvick's car out of the way and into the pit wall.

Photo by: Ray Shough
Both drivers were fined $25,000 for the incident and placed on four weeks probation. Harvick has since said that Busch lied during his meeting with Nascar officials about who exactly started what.

At any rate, this definitely wasn't the first time Richard Childress Racing and Kyle Busch (and/or his brother Kurt) have had run-ins. You can catch up on the history here.

UPDATE: Childress was fined $150,000 and placed on probation for the remainder of the season. No penalties for Busch.


  1. it is about time someone put him in his place good for mr childress
    thanks mr childress

  2. I think Richard Childress should get the fined and put on probabtion just like the drivers have to be. Just goes to show you that just because someone is older it doesn't mean they are more mature. Childress should no better and learn to control himself. Not much of a role model is he!