June 21, 2011

Mom Arrested For Threatening Coach

By - Kris Fletcher

About a month ago, I did an article on how Little League ruins baseball. Well apparently, it just ruins lives in general.

On Saturday, a Long Island mother was arrested for sending threatening letters to her son's baseball coach because he didn't make the teams travel squad.

Janet Chiauzzi, 44, of East Meadow sent numerous letters to the coach threatening violence against his wife and 14-year-old daughter, Nassau County police said.

Photo from: 9wsyr.com
She even sent a letter to the principal of the coach's children's school claiming he was molesting his kids. That led to an investigation by Nassau County Protective Services, which determined the allegations were not true.

Chiauzzi also sent six letters to officials with the East Meadow Little League team trashing the coach and demanding he be fired.

She is charged with stalking, falsely reporting an incident, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment.

I guess it's safe to say Chiauzzi led the league in bad parenting.

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  1. I think all parents of children that play sports at some point have wanted to choke a coach, but this lady took it too far.