June 22, 2011

Spurs Looking to Dump Tony Parker

By - Brian Harrington

A league source told Yahoo Sports Tuesday that the San Antonio Spurs have talked to multiple teams about trading veteran point guard Tony Parker for a high-round draft pick in this Thursday's draft.

Photo by: Getty Images
According to the source, the Spurs have have had discussions involving a Parker trade with both the Toronto Raptors (who have the 5th pick) and Sacramento Kings ( with the 7th pick). The Kings have shown a great deal of interest in adding a more experienced point guard to their roster to replace Beno Udrih, who started most of this past season. They have also been in contact with the Denver Nuggets about Raymond Felton.

Tony Parker has made comments recently that he thought the Spurs title hopes had diminished. He then backed off of those comments and said the French reporter got carried away. This after Parker made the comment that he thought this season was San Antonio's last chance to win another championship because the team was getting old, which of course, is accurate.

This postseason the Spurs were bounced by a much younger Memphis Grizzlies team in the first round in 6 games, after having the league's best record for almost the entire regular season. They were just the fourth #1 seed to fall in the first round.

A Parker trade would most likely push second-year guard George Hill into the starting role, but those sources also claim that teams in the later rounds of the draft have also showed an interest in Hill.

Seems as though the Spurs have some decisions to make. Parker has spent his entire career with them and is due to begin a four-year, $50 million extension next season. My guess is it won't be in San Antonio.


  1. Hope he ends up with an awful team. I can't stand him. Then again, I hate all things San Antonio so...

  2. I'm not surprised to hear this. Spurs have got to get younger, so trading Parker makes sense.