July 9, 2011

Miss Sprint Cup Fired Over Nude Photos

By - Brian Harrington

A South Carolina woman serving as a Nascar Miss Sprint Cup has been let go after nude photos of her surfaced online.

Photo by: Brandon Wade
Paige Duke told The Charlotte Observer the pictures were taken when she was a freshman at Clemson, and were only meant for her boyfriend at the time.

The 24-year-old veterinary technician says there was a morals clause in the contract she signed to be Miss Sprint Cup, so she is not surprised she was fired from what she said was the perfect job.

Duke says her attorneys are working to have the images removed from websites and are trying to figure out how they were released in the first place. She went on to say that she hopes girls learn the lesson that private pictures don't always stay private.

After some, shall we say, "research," I saw said pics. Not as bad as you would think, but due to the morals clause they were contractually required to fire her.

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