July 5, 2011

The Players Vote Tom Brady #1

By - Kris Fletcher

For the last few months, the NFL Network has been counting down the top one hundred players of 2011 as voted on by the players. This past weekend, Tom Brady was officially declared the league's best.

Photo by: Getty Images
"It's very flattering," said Brady in an interview on the NFL Network. "The thing I love about football is it's a team sport. Ultimately I give all the thanks to my teammates both past and present."

Here's the list of the top ten:

1. Tom Brady - Quarterback, New England Patriots
2. Peyton Manning - Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts
3. Adrian Peterson - Running Back, Minnesota Vikings
4. Ray Lewis - Linebacker, Baltimore Ravens
5. Ed Reed - Safety, Baltimore Ravens
6. Troy Polamalu - Safety, Pittsburgh Steelers
7. Andre Johnson - Wide Receiver, Houston Texans
8. Darrelle Revis - Cornerback, New York Jets
9. Drew Brees - Quarterback, New Orleans Saints
10. Julius Peppers - Defensive End, Chicago Bears

I enjoyed watching the countdown and all, but a few things about it bugged me.

For starters, it was supposed to be the top one hundred players of last season, but it seemed like a lot of the guys that made the list made it more so on their overall body of work rather than their performance from last year alone.

There's NO WAY Peyton Manning was the second best player in the National Football League last year. Sorry, he just wasn't. I know for the most part the majority of players and fans all love them some Peyton, but to say he was the second best player in the league is absolutely ridiculous.

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Even more of a joke is that Manning was voted #1 on the same list as voted on by the fans. Brady came in at #3, while Aaron Rodgers was #2. Rodgers didn't even crack the top ten on the players list, coming in at #11.

Several Green Bay Packers were top twenty worthy according to the fans. Big surprise. Just because your team won the Super Bowl doesn't mean every guy on it is now an elite player people. I mean, I actually like Greg Jennings, but he has no business coming in at #19 on a top one hundred list. The players voted him #74.

Lastly, Donovan McNabb coming in at #100 according to the players means I should have made the list also. The only significant thing McNabb did last year was get benched in favor of Rex Grossman. For that reason alone he should be unemployed, not making a top one hundred list.


  1. All you guys do is bash Manning on here every chance you get. Its ridiculous. The guys one of the best, if not the best, of all time.

  2. Of course they did, because he is!

  3. Bash Manning? What are you talkin' about? How exactly did I bash him?

    All I said was he wasn't the second best player in the league last year, which, HE WASN'T. How is that "bashing" him?

    Not my fault you have sucha man crush on him that you can't actually deal with reality bro.