July 28, 2011

Reggie Bush Traded to Miami

By - Kris Fletcher

Jay Glazer is reporting that the New Orleans Saints have agreed to trade running back Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins.

Photo by: Chris Graythen
However, the reported trade comes with conditions and basically the ball is in Bush's court, depending on what he wants to do.

Glazer's report reads:

"I'm reporting that the Saints and Dolphins worked out terms of a trade for running back Reggie Bush, contingent on Bush agreeing to a new contract with Miami. Bush's agent Joel Segal is negotiating with the Dolphins tonight. It also hinges upon Bush taking the deal and not deciding to stick with New Orleans at a reduced rate."

Either way, he'll be taking a pay cut and be in a log jam of running backs on either team.

Miami may be the best fit based on his skill set though, considering they run a variety of different packages like the Wildcat, so he could be used in more ways.

What happens next is up to Bush.


  1. Should be a good fit for him there. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

  2. Miami is still looking to either deal or release both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. He'll have a lot more room.

  3. I was actually talking to a guy I work w/the other day and mentioned I thought Bush would be a good fit in Miami.

    Kinda like that time i sent Jeff Garcia to the Browns on NFL 2K and they really signed him a week later. Lol