October 14, 2011

Former QB's Daughter is a Lingerie Football Star

By - Brian Harrington

We've all seen father/son combos in pro football. The Mannings, the Simms, and the Grieses all come to mind. But a father/daughter combination? Super Bowl XXVI MVP Mark Rypien and his daughter Angela, who is the starting quarterback for the Lingerie Football League's Seattle Mist, are the first in that group.

Photo by: Charles Cortes
And apparently, she's as talented as she is hot. In her first game on September 30th, she threw 3 TD passes in a 42-8 rout of the expansion Green Bay Chill. Although, she was only 6-of-16 for 81 yards. Angela was far from pleased with her own performance. "To be really honest, I didn't think I did very well at all," the 20-year-old Rypien said earlier this week. "I left that game not really satisfied that I did my best."

Mark, who was in the crowd, was a lot more positive. He said his daughter's LFL debut performance "far surpassed my expectations" and that his biggest concern was a personal foul penalty Angela picked up in the first half. "They said I punched a girl, but I didn't punch her. I only forearmed her," Angela said.

Photo by: B.J. Fleming
Graduating from high school during 2008 in Spokane, Washington, Angela attended cosmetology school in Los Angeles but returned to Washington state to care for her infant daughter, Malayah, who had extreme medical problems due to spinal meningitis. Now 2, Malayah has since recovered.

Back home in Washington, Angela got inspired to play while she and her dad flipped through channels on the couch. Intrigued, she emailed the league for more information and joined the Mist at the end of last season, but did not play in any games.

"It's really funny because I feel like such a girly girl when I am working in cosmetology because it is," Angela said. "It's all about women and hair and makeup and fashion and everything like that. And the three nights a week we have practice, I feel like I can throw my sweats on and throw on my tennis shoes and run out the door with a bandana and go to football practice. So they're definitely complete opposites, but I kind of enjoy that."


  1. Wouldn't mind running a "go" route with her. Lol

  2. There's NOTHING hot about a girl who can kick your arse.


  3. Looks like the girls got an arm on her. Nice!

  4. Bet she gives great helmet. And yes, I watched Space Balls recently.

  5. After she ruptures an implant playing football, and her hair salon goes belly-up, this girl has a future in the adult entertainment industry.

  6. You guys are pigs. But I suppose it should be expected. Like they say, sex sells.

  7. Mike & Jason - Lol

    Anonymous - You stole my idea.

    Brandy - You're correct. On all counts. Lol

  8. How exactly can you be a football "star" in a lingerie league? The whole thing is a farce. Plus you actually bothered deeming her a "star" based on a 6 of 16 for 81 yard performance? This post blows.

  9. Dude, I'd be "Rypien" that. :)

  10. And Gabe wins the prize for best originality. Lol

    S. Holt - I think you're taking the post as a whole WAYYY too seriously. It's about LINGERIE FOOTBALL. Not like he compared her to Peyton Manning or something.

    You might wanna think about having the bamboo oar removed from your ganges.

  11. My bad man, from now on I'll forward all my posts to you first and let you proofread them. We'll make you "star" editor of this wonderful website.

    Does "star" necessarily mean talent? I mean, Vin Diesel's a "star" actor but I'm pretty sure he's legally retarded. "Star" in this case could just mean popular. Personally, by those numbers, she sounds like a female Cam Newton. Idiots call him a "star".

  12. What network, if any, broadcasts the Lingerie Leagues games? I need to check it out!

  13. Kyle - If I'm not mistaken, Mtv 2 carries the games.