October 14, 2011

Why Won't Cincinnati Just Trade Palmer Already?

By - Kris Fletcher

With the NFL's trade deadline drawing near, Cincinnati Bengals team president Mike Brown said yesterday that there were still no plans to trade disgruntled quarterback Carson Palmer.

"I don't have anything more to say on that. I've had my say on that and it remains all there is to say," Brown said.

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Once the trade deadline passes this Tuesday, the next chance to trade Palmer wouldn't come until the beginning of the new league year in March.

On July 29th, Cincinnati placed him on the reserve / did not report list, meaning his contract is currently frozen with four years remaining.

The 31-year-old veteran was slated to make $11 million this season. With the first five games missed, that's now down to $7.6 million. If he decided to return to the team tomorrow and they chose to fine him $30,000 a day for each day missed, he would make $5.33 million.

With rookie Andy Dalton leading the Bengals to a 3-2 record going into Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts, Brown was asked if he felt like the second-round pick was indeed his quarterback of the future, which might make the club more inclined to trade Palmer down the road:

"I think he's our quarterback right now and he's doing very well," Brown said. "I'm pleased with how he's doing and think he can be the guy here."

Photo by: Tony Tribble
I never understood why Brown said he wouldn't trade Palmer from the get-go. If the guy doesn't want to be there, why keep him around? I get the whole "not wanting other players on the team to think they can just quit whenever too" aspect of it, but lets be realistic here. This is Cincinnati, an organization with a history of not signing anyone that doesn't have a police record. Palmer decides he wants to jump ship and now all of the sudden they're a team with principles and standards? Gimme a break.

Also, lets not forget, Palmer hasn't been all that great over the course of his career to begin with. The guys made two Pro Bowls in eight seasons, and started two lousy playoff games, both of which he lost. Yet for some reason the Bengals want to act as if he's the second coming of Joe Montana or something. Sorry, but he's not even the second coming of Ken Anderson or Boomer Esiason. They at least won MVP awards.

Regardless, I'm sure there are teams that would be willing to pull the trigger on a trade for Palmer at this point. The Colts and Dolphins instantly come to mind. You would think Mike Brown would go ahead and move him to try and get something of value that may help the team in the future. Instead, he'd rather just sit on him and get nothing, all in an attempt to make some stupid point.

Well point made Mr. Brown. By not trading him, you've reiterated exactly why your team has been one of the sorriest franchises in professional sports over the last two decades.

Dumb moves.


  1. Saw something online where John Clayton thinks Palmer may end up being dealt, but I doubt it will happen. That would mean Cincy actually did something right for a change.

  2. Need to just officially change the team name to the Bungals.

  3. Cincinnati is the armpit of the National Football League. It would have to be for someone to be willing to walk away from $11 million bucks just so they don't have to play there.

  4. Maybe the real reason they haven't moved him yet is because nobody wants him. Its possible.

  5. Anthony - Lol

    David - I suppose you could be right, but I find it hard to believe NO ONE would be willing to give the Bengals SOMETHING for Palmer, considering some of the poor quarterback play around the league.