December 23, 2011

Indy Continues to Try and Ruin a Good Thing

By - Kris Fletcher

All of the sudden, the Indianapolis Colts are red hot, and it couldn't have possibly come at a worse time.

Photo by: Joe Robbins
The Colts (2-13) have won two straight games following their 19-16 comeback win over the Houston Texans on Thursday night. Both wins were orchestrated by Dan Orlovsky, the former Texans quarterback who lost his first nine NFL starts.

Indianapolis now has the same number of wins as the Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Rams (both 2-12). However, the Colts still have the inside track to the #1 pick in next year's draft - and the right to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck - because they have played the weakest schedule of the three.

That's assuming, of course, they don't continue to try and mess up the good thing they spent the first three+ months of the season rolling towards.

Indy closes out the year against the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10). The way the Colts have been playing, they could definitely beat the Jags and pick up their third straight win. If that happens, and Minnesota and St. Louis both lose out, Indianapolis' thirteen game losing skid to open the season will have been for nothing.

All kidding aside Indy, do yourselves a favor in Week 17 and simply LAY DOWN.

Yeah, yeah, I know. That's not a very popular thing to do. But hey, who cares? Give me one good reason why the Colts shouldn't pack it in and let Jacksonville walk all over them. What, Peyton Manning? Please!

This organization has a chance to draft the surest thing at the quarterback position since Peyton himself (according to the experts anyway), and they should just put that pick in jeopardy all in the name of protecting the ego of a guy who may never be the same again? Someone would have to explain the logic behind that way of thinking very slowly to me.

Still, you should be commended Indy. You're not going to go 0-16, and you even managed to give your home-crowd something to cheer about once this season.


Now, think about this - what will one more lousy win really mean long-term? Five years from now, people will look back and see you finished the 2011 season 3-13. But, if your QB then is now a 40-year-old Peyton Manning and you still have no hint of a replacement in the mix, what did that one extra win tacked on to an already dismal record really do for you?

So, still think you should actually show up against the Jaguars?

I didn't think so.


  1. I never support that a team should lose to get a draft pick, in any capacity.

    But even saying that Indy wins next week, it's unlikely that either the Rams or the Vikings would take Andrew Luck. They both have franchise QB's in Sam Bradford and Christian Ponder, and I can't imagine either squad drafting another QB when they have so many other holes to fill.

    Also, there was no guarantee that the Colts would have taken Luck either. They have tons of needs on that team, and Luck is a sexy pick with Manning's health in question, but their defense is atrocious.

    The NFL is a business, and teams will never intentionally try and lose, even if a player like Luck is in the draft.

  2. I actually agree with Kris. There's nothing to be gained and everything to be lost for the Colts to win next week. To speak on Troy's point, I don't think anyone really sees Christian Ponder as a "franchise" qb. Also, you still would want the overall no. 1 pick regardless because teams will be willing to trade up and give up a ton to draft Luck. The Colts owner has already gone on record as having said they will take him if he's available. If they are not picking from the the top spot, he won't be available, because whoever is will have already picked him or traded the pick to a team that will. Luck is going first one way or another, no matter who is technically holding the top pick come draft day, so the Colts better hope its them.

  3. I don't think you ever actually TRY to lose a game under any circumstances. There is a thing called 'pride' is there not?

  4. I tried to leave a comment earlier today but it wasn't working right for some reason. What's up with that? Anyway, I won't go as far as to say they should try to lose, but I will say they need the top pick, and Andrew Luck, badly. I agree with Trevor in that whoever has the the No. 1 pick is either going to draft Luck or trade the pick to the highest bidder so that team can draft him. With Manning's health still a huge question mark, Luck is the way to go.

  5. So when the going gets tough, the tough should quit? Is that what your saying Kris? You teach your kids that too?

  6. Come on Fletch. Knowing you, I seriously doubt you actually condone any team to deliberately try to lose a game, no matter what the reason. You can't stand to lose at NOTHING. Lmao

  7. The guy standing on the sidelines facial expression says it all. He has a "so much for us getting Luck in the draft" look on his face. hahaha