December 24, 2011

McNabb Welches on Agreement

By - Kris Fletcher

Donovan McNabb had always worn #5. So, when he signed with the Minnesota Vikings over the offseason, he asked punter Chris Kluwe, who had the number at the time, if he could have it. Kluwe agreed, under a few conditions.

Photo by: Getty Images
The punter would give McNabb the number as long as the quarterback did two things. First, he would have to mention Kluwe's band, "Tripping Icarus" at least five times during interviews over the course of the season. Second, he would have to donate $5,000 to Kluwe's Kick for a Cure charity.

Well, by the time McNabb was released by the Vikings several weeks back, he had only mentioned the band twice, and had yet to donate to the muscular dystrophy charity.

"Getting the money would be the major thing," Kluwe told "Tripping Icarus got the publicity we needed. That was fine, two mentions was more than enough. The $5,000 for Kick for a Cure would definitely be appreciated though."

Now, players make deals with other players for jersey numbers all the time. Of course, there's usually cash involved. However, this is completely different.

It's one thing to owe an individual money, but it's entirely another when you promise to give to a charity and don't bother doing it. McNabb could have cut Kluwe a check for $5,000 lousy dollars on the spot, so why didn't he just do it and get it over with?

McNabb's time in Minnesota was already a big enough joke. The last thing he needs is to come off as a complete low-life on top of it by snubbing a good cause. A cause, I might add, he agreed to give towards in the first place.

Seriously Donovan, pay up now. Your career is already in the tank. Maybe you'd like your reputation to join it?


  1. I've always heard McNabb is a pretty stand-up guy. This is probably something that just slipped his mind. Hopefully anyway.

  2. McNabb is a classy guy. He will end up paying the money. He donated thousands to charities and different organizations in Philadelphia when he was an Eagle, I really doubt it would change now.