May 5, 2012

2012 NFL Post-Draft Power Rankings

By - Shayne Carnahan

This offseason has already been a wild one, with plenty of free agency moves and a crazy draft to boot.

So with that, here are my post-draft preseason power rankings for 2012.

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1. New York Giants: The Giants have to be considered the best team in the NFL right now, mainly because they won the Super Bowl. They lost some key offensive players like Mario Manningham and Ahmad Bradshaw, but they filled both of these positions in the draft with their first and second rounds pick.

2. Green Bay Packers: Any team that can almost go undefeated has to be considered a number two. They added center Jeff Saturday and picked up defensive end Nick Perry in the first round of the draft. Plus they have Aaron Rodgers. Enough said.

3. San Fransisco 49ers: I have the 49ers at three because of what they did in free agency and the draft. In free agency they picked wide receiver Mario Manningham and running back Ahmad Bradshaw, both from the Super Bowl winning Giants. In the draft they got WR A.J. Jenkins and RB LaMichael James, so they are stacked at those positions.

4. New England Patriots: The Patriots are number four because they lost the Super Bowl. The did however have what I consider to be an amazing draft. They got DE Chandler Jones and LB Dont'a Hightower. This shows me that they are starting to focus on their depleted defense, which I believe was the main reason they didn't win the title last year.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are number five because they improved their offensive line by picking up guard David Cecastro and tackle Mike Adams in the draft. Big Ben has been beaten up in the last few years, which is why they haven't been the normal playoff team we've come to expect them to be.

6. Detroit Lions: The Lions are number six because they went to their first playoff game since 1999 last year. Matthew Stafford was finally healthy through the entire season and they were great. If he can stay healthy, I see them going even farther into the playoffs this year.

7. Chicago Bears: The main reason I have the Bears here is because of the addition of Brandon Marshall during the offseason. Marshall will make a huge addition to the team, giving Jay Cutler a solid receiver to throw to, plus Matt Forte will be returning.

8. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are at number eight because they have arguably one of the best offenses in the league and a solid defense. With the Saints virtually out of contention for much of anything this season, Atlanta should all but coast into the playoffs.

9. Baltimore Ravens: I had Baltimore sitting at six until Terrell Suggs injured himself, and now Ray Rice doesn't want to show up to practice because he wants more money. Suggs says he will be back by midseason, but until then Upshaw will have to fill his position.

10. Houston Texans: Houston will have quarterback Matt Schaub returning from injury, plus they have an extremely good defense. They're definitely one of the top-ten best teams in the league right now. If they can stay healthy, they might win it all.

11. New York Jets: The Jets have WAY too much drama in their locker room, and the addition of Tebow didn't help matters. Just wait and see, when Sanchez struggles - and he will - instead of hearing J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS, you will be hearing T-E-B-O-W, TEBOW, TEBOW, TEBOW. Plus their draft made NO sense at all. Why they drafted Quintin Coples in the first round is beyond me. They already have enough trouble makers on the team to begin with.

12. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles are number twelve because they can't seem to keep Vick healthy and if your starting quarterback can't stay upright, he's no good for you. They did have good draft though, highlighted by picking up DE Fletcher Cox in the first round.

13. Dallas Cowboys: I have the Cowboys here because they added Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne to their defense. The main reason I have them so low is because Romo can't seem to win in clutch situations.

14. New Orleans Saints: Normally, I would have the Saints higher up than this, but the whole Bountygate situation and the suspensions took a lot away from the team. So, I don't see them doing all that well this season.

15. Denver Broncos: With the addition of Peyton Manning, the Broncos will be great. Their defense is solid and now their offense is even better. Look for them to have an amazing season this year.

16. Carolina Panthers: With Cam Newton under center, I expect them to do well this season. Plus they added LB Luke Kuechly and WR Joe Adams in the draft. Hopefully Newton can avoid having a sophomore slump.

17. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals really surprised me last year with the play of QB Andy Dalton and WR A.J. Green. Plus the defense looked really good. If all those pieces work together again, they will make the playoffs for sure.

18. Oakland Raiders: The Raiders did a lot better once they added Carson Palmer at quarterback, and I expect them to continue improving this season.

19. Washington Redskins: The Redskins are here because they added RG3 in the draft, plus receivers Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan in free agency. Two big targets for Griffin to throw to.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: If quarterback Josh Freeman can step up the way he did two years ago they have every opportunity to go the playoffs this season. With LeGarrette Blount running the ball they are a very good team. He is one of the most underrated players in the NFL today.

21. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts drafted Andrew Luck and Colby Fleener from Stanford so at least those two know how to work together. However, they've lost too many key players to be any kind of a real threat.

22. San Diego Chargers: I have the Chargers here because Philip Rivers has been a shell of his former self of late. He hasn't been able to perform in big game situations like he once did. Plus, they lost WR Vincent Jackson to the Bucs.

23. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks signed quarterback Matt Flynn in free agency which will help them out tremendously. However, I don't believe they have the receiving corps to be great.

24. Cleveland Browns: The Browns finally focused on their running game in the draft, something they should have done years ago. However, they also drafted controversy with QB Brandon Weeden. Colt is not their starter nor should he be, but they should have drafted a WR with the 22nd pick.

25. Tennessee Titans: The Titans come in here because of the fact that they needed to get offensive line help and they didn't. Plus, Chris Johnson doesn't seem to want to be there and Kenny Britt is always hurt.

26. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins had a bad first round pick with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, plus they lost their star WR to the Bears. Their defense is okay, but definitely not the best.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars did fill one position they needed help at when they drafted wide receiver Justin Blackmon. However, they're still not a great team. Their defense needs A LOT of help.

28. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs drafted the defensive lineman they needed in Dontari Poe, but the kid gives up in the middle of the game if his team isn't winning. We'll see how he does. Hopefully QB Matt Cassel can stay healthy for them this season.

29. Minnesota Vikings: They added offensive lineman Matt Kalil in the draft, so Christian Ponder will have a little more protection. If they can get WR Percy Harvin to stay healthy, they will be much harder to deal with.

30. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo brought back wideout Stevie Johnson for Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw to, and while their defense is by no means great, they seem to be on the rise.

31. Arizona Cardinals: The main reason Arizona is here is because quarterback Kevin Kolb has yet to show me that he deserves to be their starter, or that they even had a reason to trade for him in the first place.

32. St. Louis Rams: I thought the Rams would have a pretty good season in 2011, but they failed to meet my expectations. Bradford needs to stay healthy and the offensive line needs A LOT of help. The receiving corps needs to step up as well.


  1. If the Giants are 1 with a 9-7 record for WINNING the Super Bowl, then the Patriots should be 2 with a 13-3 record after losing it. I disagee with several other ones, including the Lions and Jets being ranked too high, and the Chargers are too low, just to name a few.

    1. The Chargers haven't been in the Playoffs in two years, and the Lions and Jets have been.

  2. Indy at 21 while Buffalo is at 30? Are you insane?

    1. Just because Indy drafted Luck doesn't mean that they will be great!

    2. No genius, I mean the fact that the Colts were the worst team in the league last year yet you have them all the way at 21 right now with the Bills who weren't that bad last year NINE SPOTS BEHIND THEM. Clearly you have no idea wtf your talking about.

    3. Says the guy who doesn't know how to use the proper form of the word your.

      It's YOU'RE.


  3. Don't quit your day job dude.