May 2, 2012

What Can We Expect Out of RG3 in 2012?

By - Shayne Carnahan

Usually the Redskins don't draft very well in the first round. However, I believe they knocked this year's pick out of the park.

Washington knew early on in the offseason that they were going to draft Robert Griffin III. They even traded with the Rams to ensure the pick.

Photo by: Nick Wass
They also impressed me picking up receivers Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, so at least Griffin has some targets to throw to. Because of this, Griffin has a good chance to have a solid rookie season. The Redskins front office did an amazing job surrounding him with veteran talent. This is one of the only times I've ever been impressed with Washington's decision making.

One of Griffin's toughest obstacles has to be that the Redskins also drafted quarterback Kirk Cousins. I say this because of the Tim Tebow situation in Denver last year. Kyle Orton started struggling and the Tebow chants started. To me, the Redskins fans are even crazier. Griffin has to be afraid of this.

However, he can't be worried about the selection of Cousins. If he has a problem with it the Redskins probably don't need Griffin to be their starter in the first place. I believe he's man enough to not have a problem with it though. He knows he's the starter. He just needs to keep it that way. The fans are really pumped to have him in Washington, so hopefully they'll be patient with him.

I give Griffin props. He has an arm I can only compare to JaMarcus Russell, with the brains of Tom Brady. Not to mention he has the agility and elusiveness of a halfback. There is no doubt that he is one of the best players to come through the draft in a while.

He will fit the Redskins system perfectly, since their offensive scheme has the quarterback on the move a lot. That's the reason Rex Grossman didn't do very well there last year. That and the fact that he just sucks in general.

Griffin threw for 4,293 yards, 37 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions last season at Baylor, and he helped the team do something they had never done. Beat the Oklahoma Sooners. the guy is a stud and there's no denying it.

The Redskins have one of the hardest schedules in the NFL in 2012. They are in one of the hardest conferences in the NFC with the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants. They also have to play the Falcons, Steelers, and Ravens. No doubt Griffin has to face some very tough defenses and will be tested often.

Still, with his ability and the additions the Redskins have added around him, I can see them having a 7-9 season, and being a team on the rise in 2013.

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