September 30, 2012

The Beginning of the End For the Flop?

By - Lauren Dundee


One of the most hated moves in basketball will now be met with a penalty. The NBA has announced that a fine will be issued to anyone caught flopping in a postgame video review.

Photo by: Getty Images
All I can say is -- it's about time.

This rule tweak is a major first step in player deterrence. It happens far too often and is frequently missed. It is out of control, and the fans are sick of it.

However, one has to consider that flopping is one of the most difficult calls to make during a game. The officials are under immense pressure to make the right call in seconds, and it can be hard to see the difference between a flop and a legitimate foul.

After all, some of the players give Oscar-type performances in order to draw a call.

We can all hope that this rule change will cause the players to think twice. If nothing else, it should certainly lessen the occurrences.

Still, there are some unanswered questions.

It has not yet been said who will be conducting the reviews. Will it be a committee, or a single person? How will we, as fans, know this "flopping commission" has made the right call?

The fact that this review takes place after the game is also something to be concerned about. Sometimes players draw fouls by flopping in critical situations. The outcome of a game can be changed by the flop. If the NBA plans to take up this consequence, they also need to better educate their referees on detecting flops.

More than anything, a call needs to be made in game, not 12 hours later.

Not to mention, there is always the chance that players will simply not care about being fined and will not change their ways as far as flopping goes.

Let's face it, a few thousand dollars is nothing to someone who is a multi-millionaire.

Whatever the case may be, a fine for a flop is better than nothing at all. Something clearly needed to be done, and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Now, if only soccer would follow suit...


  1. Guys will still flop. I don't see this helping much.

  2. It will make the guys who don't make as much as a Lebron James think twice but it wont hurt someone likes his wallet any...