October 1, 2012

Bleacher Babe of the Month: October, 2012

By - Kris Fletcher

In September, we debuted our newest monthly segment entitled "Bleacher Babe of the Month."

Needless to say, it was a rousing success. After all, the only thing better than sports -- are attractive women that follow them!

But hey, enough from me. Without further ado, I give you this month's Bleacher Babe, Katie Watts!

Photo by: Andy Evinger
Hi there! I'm Katie, and I'm totally excited to be the second-ever Bleacher Babe of the Month!

I'm supposed to write a little bit about myself, and since I think it's a safe assumption that you go to work tired Tuesday morning because you're glued to the TV Monday night and are already excited to complete your next March Madness bracket, I figured I'd do this with a twist.

I enjoy sports in a lot of different ways. First, there's the obvious -- watching sports. I watch every Vanderbilt home football game from the stands, and I'm still currently riding the coach James Franklin bandwagon (yes, even with the season so far). Other than a Titans game or two every year, I mostly stick to television for the rest of my football viewing. That usually means a computer is convenient for constant fantasy football monitoring!

When it comes to basketball and hockey, taking a game in live is the ONLY way to go, because doing my "fang fingers" to a television screen seems a little too cheesy, even for me.

And watching sports isn't just about watching the game for me either. I mean, I definitely care about who wins or loses, but there's so much more. The tailgating (with adult beverages, of course). The unified chants. The music. The jersey that has to be worn to show your team dedication. The Super Bowl party food. The push-ups (don't ask). The smack talk. The friends. Game day wouldn't be the same without them.

Neither would life.

Another great thing I love about sports is that it encourages me to maintain a very active lifestyle. I understand it doesn't affect everyone the same, but seeing a lean, cut body in uniform makes me want to hit the gym. Surely most folks get at least a little surge of motivation from the rippled abs of sand volleyball players, right?

Photo by: Andy Evinger
I feel like sports contribute to the theme of being fit that weaves its way into every day of my life. To keep in shape, I do a lot of HotBox (look it up!), with a little running, biking, and weight-lifting mixed in. I'm not afraid to admit that sporting your game day gear is always more fun when you're toned, feeling confident, and showing off your own bulging biceps!

Ultimately, sports are very much like life itself. There are rules. Rewards. Celebrations. Surprises. Relationships. Dancing. Injuries. Emotional ups and downs. And no matter what, there's plenty of fun to be had.

Photo by: Andy Evinger
I love sports for all of those factors, and even more -- I am completely in love with life for all the same things!

Until next time, c-ya!


  1. Lovely girl. Great pics.

  2. I think she could kick my ass, yet there's something really hot about that..

  3. Gorgeous. Very well done.

  4. Can anyone be a bleacher babe or do you know all the girls? What is the process of deciding who gets it?

    1. To this point, I've known both girls, but that's not a requirement or anything. Lol

      Anyone that would like to be considered for the Bleacher Babe of the Month should write a paragraph or two describing themselves and send it -- along with a few photos, to thebleacherbriefings@inbox.com.

      It's that simple!

  5. Very kick ass!

  6. She's fine as hell.