December 19, 2012

Chad Johnson is Still Chad Johnson, and Therein Lies the Problem

By - Andy Garcia

It has been a rough year for Chad Johnson to say the least.

Despite a dismal 2011 regular season with New England, the man formerly known as Chad Ochocinco found himself in a position to win his first Super Bowl ring. But just like with his regular season performances, he was unable to contribute to the team.

Photo by: Getty Images
In the Divisional Round matchup against Denver, Johnson saw the field on only one snap. He then was inactive for the AFC Championship Game against Baltimore so he could attend his father's funeral. And in his first Super Bowl appearance, No. 85 only caught one ball for 21 yards, failing to help his team win the big game.

In spite of having his worst season since his rookie year, Chad was signed by the Dolphins on June 11th. Not long after joining the team, Ocho changed his last name back to Johnson.

That didn't help his karma very much, though.

His time with Miami was short-lived, as he was released on August 12th, less than 24 hours after being arrested for domestic battery. Johnson was accused of headbutting his wife (of only two and a half months) during a very heated argument.

After pleading no contest to the charge, Chad avoided jail time by receiving 12-months probation and a 6-month battery intervention program instead.

Nevertheless, he has not received any calls from any other NFL teams since then.

So what's Chad Johnson up to these days?

Still being the same ol' Chad, that's what.

Some things never change. One of them being the infamously outspoken wide receiver's addiction with the social network, Twitter. The 34-year-old continues to try and entertain his nearly 4 million followers with his outlandish comments and forced sesquipedalian attempts.

During Monday Night Football's Titans-Jets game, Johnson, responding to a tweet, said that quarterback Mark Sanchez was, "very good."

See what I mean?

I'm sure his followers were ripping him for making such a bonehead statement, because as soon as Sanchez finally threw a touchdown pass late in the 3rd, Chad continued to make himself look like a fool by adding: "Touchdown by the Mexican... see, I told you he was good..."

Besides referring to Sanchez as "The Mexican," Chad kept on putting his foot in his mouth by praising the QB who had 5 turnovers in the game. The same quarterback who has the most turnovers in the NFL since coming into the league in 2009.

Yeah, he's clearly good.

There is no conceivable way anyone could truly believe that. Even a Sanchez apologist like myself can admit that I've run out of excuses for the guy. I don't think Chad actually believes it, either.

Maybe he's trying to land a job?

You never know. It worked for Braylon Edwards not too long ago. Even after ripping the Jets organization, those clowns still signed him.

During his guest spot on ESPN's First Take a couple weeks ago, Chad firmly claimed that he would play again in the NFL.

I'm not so sure it will happen.

Obviously his off the field incident had much to do with his release from the Dolphins, but the fact that the team with arguably the worst receiving corps in the league cut him, speaks volumes.

Even the Oakland Raiders, who have a very young, unproven receiving corps, and Johnson's former teammate Carson Palmer at the helm, wouldn't give the 6-time Pro Bowler a call.

I think it's safe to say that the social media crazed, McDonald's loving wideout won't be getting another shot in the National Football League.

It's time for him to look elsewhere for a job.

If Chad really wants to continue his football career, a sure bet would probably be the Texas Revolution, formerly known as the Allen Wranglers, of the Indoor Football League. I hear they give washed up former NFL receivers six-figure contracts with ownership stake and wonderful severance packages.


  1. He's a douche bag. Hope he never plays another down in the NFL again.

  2. He was misused in New England. He's still a very capable receiver.

  3. Misused in New England? That might be the dumbest thing I've heard all year, and I'm not even a big New England guy.

  4. T.O. will be on First Take tomorrow. You can bash him next. Lol

  5. Misused? If by "misused" you mean, "too stupid to comprehend the playbook," you are correct. Lol