December 20, 2012

Fantasy Football Report: Week 16

By - Tim Swift

In Week 15, some fantasy starts shined as expected, like Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson.

On the other hand, there were a few guys that might have got you eliminated from the playoffs. Eli Manning, Doug Martin, and Roddy White, I'm looking your way.

Hopefully some of these guys will pile up points for you this week.

1st Level Quarterbacks:

1. Tom Brady vs. Jacksonville -- Brady should have a big day in Week 16 going against the Jags, who are last in the league in sacks and 24th in overall pass defense.

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2. Aaron Rodgers vs. Tennessee -- Rodgers redeemed himself on Sunday with a 3 score performance, and this week, he takes on a pass defense that has been in the bottom 5 for most of the year.

3. Drew Brees vs. Dallas -- Brees had the best day of any fantasy quarterback in Week 15, and should continue that type of trend against the Cowboys.

Rest of the 1st Level Quarterbacks:

1. Cam Newton vs. Oakland
2. Peyton Manning vs. Cleveland
3. Matt Ryan vs. Detroit

2nd Level Quarterbacks:

1. Tony Romo vs. New Orleans
2. Ben Roethlisberger vs. Cincinnati
3. Matt Schaub vs. Minnesota
4. Eli Manning vs. Baltimore
5. Andy Dalton vs. Pittsburgh

1st Level Running Backs:

1. Adrian Peterson vs. Houston -- The Texans 5th ranked D will present a challenge, but Peterson is running for history and a playoff spot for the Vikings.

2. Jamaal Charles vs. Indianapolis -- Good matchup for Charles, and kudos to fantasy owners who stayed with him when he struggled in the middle of the year.

3. Alfred Morris vs. Philadelphia -- Morris is averaging 113 yards and a TD over the last 4 weeks. He should continue to roll against a suspect Philly defense.

Rest of the 1st Level Running Backs:

1. Arian Foster vs. Minnesota
2. Matt Forte vs. Arizona

2nd Level Running Backs:

1. Doug Martin vs. St. Louis
2. C.J. Spiller vs. Miami
3. DeMarco Murray vs. New Orleans
4. Reggie Bush vs. Buffalo
5. Chris Johnson vs. Green Bay

1st Level Wide Receivers:

1. Andre Johnson vs. Minnesota -- Johnson is coming off of an 11 catch performance last Sunday, and regained his status as a top 5 fantasy wide receiver.

2. Calvin Johnson vs. Atlanta -- 33 catches over the last 3 weeks and leads the NFL in targets. Could be a tough matchup, but Megatron should still get his numbers.

3. Brandon Marshall vs. Arizona -- Faced several double and triple teams on Sunday. He should bounce back and approach 100 yards and TD again this week.

Rest of the 1st Level Wide Receivers:

1. Wes Welker vs. Jacksonville
2. Reggie Wayne vs. Kansas City
3. Michael Crabtree vs. Seattle

2nd Level Wide Receivers:

1. Julio Jones vs. Detroit
2. Randall Cobb vs. Tennessee
3. Dez Bryant vs. New Orleans
4. Marques Colston vs. Dallas
5. Vincent Jackson vs. St. Louis

1st Level Tight Ends:

1. Aaron Hernandez vs. Jacksonville -- 3 TDs over the last 2 weeks have come just in time to save some fantasy seasons. Hernandez should flourish against the Jags suspect pass D.

2. Heath Miller vs. Cincinnati -- 7 catches for 92 yards plus a touchdown last Sunday, Miller has been the most consistent target on the Steelers this year.

3. Tony Gonzalez vs. Detroit -- Gonzalez could have done more in Sunday's rout of the Giants, but he still found the end zone and is the overall leader in TE points this year.

Rest of the 1st Level Tight Ends:

1. Jermaine Gresham vs. Pittsburgh
2. Jimmy Graham vs. Dallas
3. Jason Witten vs. New Orleans

2nd Level Tight Ends:

1. Dennis Pitta vs. New York Giants
2. Greg Olsen vs. Oakland
3. Scott Chandler vs. Miami
4. Brandon Myers vs. Carolina
5. Antonio Gates vs. New York Jets

1st Level Defense and Special Teams:

1. Chicago D/ST vs. Arizona -- Forget what you saw from the Cardinals last week. The Bears should shut down this still putrid offense.

2. Denver D/ST vs. Cleveland -- The Broncos scored 15-plus points last week against the Ravens. You should see a similar result against the Browns struggling offense.

3. Colts D/ST vs. Kansas City -- This matchup is more about the Chiefs than the Colts. Kansas City is making most defenses look all world, so the Colts D should be able to get double digits.

Rest of the 1st Level Defense and Special Teams:

1. New England D/ST vs. Jacksonville
2. Carolina D/ST vs. Oakland
3. Green Bay D/ST vs. Tennessee

2nd Level Defense and Special Teams:

1. Atlanta D/ST vs. Detroit
2. New York Jets D/ST vs. San Diego
3. Houston D/ST vs. Minnesota

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  1. Okay, I need some finals help...Matt Ryan or RGIII, and who plays RB/Flex out of this group-Darren McFadden, Marshawn Lynch, Trent Richardson, Pierre Garcon. I need 2 RB and one RB/WR.

  2. I like Matt Ryan against Detroit's shaky secondary, plus i don't think your going to get the same rushing yards that you usually get with RGIII.I would go with Lynch TRich and McFadden, those 3 will get the most touches.

  3. Who should I start? Peyton or Cam? I'm torn.

  4. Leaning slightly to Cam because of the rushing yards, and I think Cleveland's D is a bit tougher than Oakland's.

  5. Who do you think the better flex play is, Randall Cobb or Vincent Jackson?

  6. I like Cobb with the back-to-back 100 yard games against the Titans, I think the Rams are going do well against Jackson, they have been a top 10 pass D all year.