December 21, 2012

These Jets Have Crashed, and There Are No Signs of Survivors

By - Keith Smith
Flying on a plane is said to be one of the safest forms of travel. Unless, of course, that Jet is being piloted by one Rex Ryan, in which case, look out below.
This year's New York Jets have already crashed and burned, eliminated from postseason contention this past weekend. At least, officially eliminated. I say that actually took place before the season even started.
Photo by: Joe Nicholson
And if you believe all the rumors swirling around, everyone from the players to the coaching staff is in trouble.
The Jets are allegedly shopping starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and backup Tim Tebow, turning this week to third-stringer Greg McElroy for the start. If Ryan really believes McElroy is his long-term answer, he is an even worse coach than he has shown while amassing this year's dismal 6-8 record. Which is saying something, because this has been one of the poorest coaching jobs I've ever seen.
This team played in back-to-back AFC Championship Games not long ago, and much of it is still intact. And it's not like Tim Tebow is a dividing force in the locker room. In fact, he's quite the contrary. So bringing him in didn't cause the problem.
Or did it?
Perhaps I should rephrase and say while Tebow didn't cause the problem, he was the cause of the problem.
Semantics, I know.
The problem lies with why Tebow was signed in the first place. It wasn't to compete for the starting quarterback job. Ryan has said as much. Truth be told, it wasn't even to run ten or so plays per game in the wildcat package or to play special teams. Although, that is what Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum would have you believe.
No, Tebow was brought in for one reason and one reason only. As a media grab for a desperate franchise. A franchise who has seen their Meadowlands cohabitants, the Giants, win two of the last five Super Bowls (and four overall), including last year's, while the Jets have become perennial also-rans.

First they tried HBO's Hard Knocks back in 2010 for publicity. This year, they used Tebow. What's next, putting Ryan in a skimpy cheerleading outfit and having him run around on the sidelines? He would probably be about as effective doing that as he's been at coaching this year.

On second thought, that visual image has me ready to lose my lunch, so let's move on.
And before I'm accused of being a Tebow hater, let me clarify. I'm the total opposite. I'm a big fan. I never said the guy shouldn't have been brought in. I said he was brought in for the wrong reason and used incorrectly. In my opinion, he should have been given the reigns from the get-go, and had he been, the Jets would be printing playoff tickets right about now.
Sure, Tebow's ball skills leave a lot to be desired, primarily on the passing side. But he brings to the table the biggest piece missing from the Jets -- leadership. He's shown it everywhere he's been, and he would've shown it in New York if he had been been given the chance.
But of course, Ryan and his gigantic ego could never allow Tebow to be seen as the leader of his team. On Rex's Jet, there are no co-pilots.
That's exactly why this plane has crashed, and the likelihood of survivors is slim.


  1. Tebow sucks. Last season was a fluke. Jets would have been just as awful had he been the quarterback this season.

    1. You don't fluke your way to two college national championships and all those wins. Well Tebow ever be a great passer? No. But the guy is a leader and a winner. All he needs is someone to give him the reigns, which Denver did last year, and you see how it turned out.

  2. I think Ryan will be back next season. Tony Sparano will be the fall guy.

  3. I agree with Brian. I think Sparano is gone along with Tannenbaum, but Ryan will get one more year. Don't think he deserves it, but he'll get it.

  4. Ryan has done nothing to deserve another year. How many Super Bowl guarantees has he made? SEVERAL. How many has he delivered on? NONE. He hasn't even won a single DIVISION TITLE since he's been in New York. Get him the hell out of there!!!