September 9, 2013

A Rebuttal: Why Football is Better Than Baseball

By - Sandra Nevins

Last week, one of my colleagues wrote an article explaining the reasons why he believes baseball is better than football. And while I certainly respect his opinion, I must admit, as I was reading through it I heard Keyshawn Johnson's voice in the back of my head saying "c'mon, man!"

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Make no mistake, I have enjoyed several lovely afternoons at Coors Field, and I truly appreciate the history of the game. But football is the ultimate team sport. Every player on the field is involved with the outcome of a play regardless of whether or not they have direct contact with the pigskin. If one guy messes up, it could prove very costly.

With that, here are my top 10 reasons for believing football is better than baseball.

10. Football coaches instruct, inspire, motivate, discipline, teach and mentor their players. Baseball managers watch the action, occasionally offering a few suggestions during a game.

9. 16 games is sufficient for a football season. 160 games? That's practically an eternity. In this particular case, more is not better,

8. Football is discussed year-round. Stop by a sports bar in December and you'll overhear little baseball talk. But in April, football is still a hot topic. It always keeps the chatter going in sports groups all over the Internet, even during spring when baseball season is in full swing and it's football's offseason.

7. Football fans actually watch the entire game. Very few random convos once the ball is snapped. On the other hand, baseball games are a lovely venue to socialize and negotiate deals with business clients.

6. Overtime. Score a touchdown on the first possession and it's a wrap. Baseball has extra innings and a game could potentially drag on for hours upon hours. Ain't nobody got time for that.

5. Fantasy football is king of all fantasy sports. No one talks about their fantasy baseball team, but rest assured, people who don't even play fantasy football still talk about it, like my father. He keeps his friends up-to-date on my team. Also, fantasy football has spawned a hilarious television show, The League. Who's gonna win "The Shiva" in your league? Speaking of which, it's been five minutes, I should probably check my team's score.

4. Helmets are functional. They help protect a vital organ. Baseball caps just keep the sun out of one's eyes.

3. Football is an inherently violent sport. It appeals to us in the same way that gladiators battling to the death at The Colosseum appealed to the Romans. Baseball? Not so much.

2. Football games are played in spite of inclement weather. Two words: Ice Bowl. No rolling out the tarp and waiting for the rain to subside. There's nothing better than a December game at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Even the fans buck up to meet the challenge of attending a game in the dead of winter. Granted, most are wearing their liquor coats, but still.

1. Any given Sunday. Football has parity thanks to a salary cap. Similar to creating a household budget where needs are prioritized, teams must essentially live within their means. In baseball, it's a spending free-for-all for the richest clubs. While there is a payroll spending guideline, it is possible to exceed it by paying a "luxury tax." The wealthiest teams can buy the talents of the very best players, and perhaps, a championship in the process. In football, the worst teams can draft well and make big moves in free agency and become serious contenders in the span of a year. Even the traditionally dismal teams have the potential to turn things around quickly, and that's what makes football so exciting.

Obviously both sports have their merits, and those who prefer baseball will continue to do so. As for me, I have some Monday Night Football games to prepare for.


  1. I'm always torn on which I think is better. In the middle of baseball season I always feel like baseball is the best, but once football season really gets rolling I lean towards it. lol

  2. Opinions on 10 and 9, 8 I would vehemently disagree with (ever heard of the Hot Stove League)? On #7 & 6 I simply say, you're hanging out with the wrong people, because my friends and I watch every play. The beauty is, you don't HAVE to. I'll put it in terms you and your lady friends can understand: it's like a soap opera, miss a few days, pick right up where you left off. In baseball, miss a few plays, you still may be ok. But more than likely, when you step away for a bathroom break, somebody hits a3-run dinger.

    And while Fantasy Football may be more popular (I would argue it's because you need less knowledge of sports), let's not forget how all this fantasy stuff started. It was first done by a bunch of guys who invented Rotisserie Baseball in the early 80s. Fantasy Football didn't stay until YEARS later.

    #4 - hats can be worn by any fan to show support of your team. Wear a helmet around town and people will think you're either an idiot, or you're "special" and need it to keep from hitting yourself.

    That whole violence thing? Baseball heroes are around into their 80s and 90s to tell marvelous stories that last four hours (like the games themselves. Those head injuries and one intros leave football players shield of their former selves.

    So if you want to keep telling yourself that sport is better, go ahead. But those of us in the know, know the truth. (c:

  3. That should say "knee injuries," not "one intros."

  4. And before you get angry, this was all said in fun.

  5. Football is America's sport. Baseball died after the strike in the 90's. Steroids being overlooked for exciting home runs and higher scoring games wasn't even enough. People get rabid over football. Baseball is so 20th century..

  6. Thank you, Keith, for inspiring me to write this article. I wrote it simply to offer a different point of view.