October 14, 2013

Let's Go Streaking!

By - Sandra Nevins

I have to admit, I enjoy being a fan of the Detroit Red Wings, all the while residing in the state of Colorado. It incenses the natives terribly that others represent and cheer against the home team.

Fresh off the Avalanche's 4-game winning streak, a friend of mine attempted to aggravate me with some smack talk. I won the verbal exchange and shut it down by simply stating, "When your team makes the postseason for 22-straight years, come talk to me then."

Photo by: Michael Martin
A long-standing streak in sports, like the current active one enjoyed by the Red Wings, thrusts the spotlight onto a team and/or individual player. Tenacity, grit, focus, skill and sometimes plain luck, perpetuates streaks. They captivate our collective consciousness because a streak is exciting, yet ultimately, finite, as all things must come to an end. Speculation as to the duration of the streak and the circumstances of its eventual halt is what keeps the fans talking.

Here are some of the more noteworthy streaks in sports:

- The Boston Bruins hold the longest playoff streak at 29 years, winning the Stanley Cup twice. Over that time frame, renowned defenseman Bobby Orr also won 8-straight Norris Trophies.

- Wayne Gretzky produced 100+ points for 13-consecutive seasons. He's not "The Great One" for nothing.

- Orel Hershiser pitched 59.1-consecutive scoreless innings on his way to the Cy Young Award in 1988.

- Joe DiMaggio's legendary 56-game hitting streak still stands the test of time.

- Cal Ripken, Jr. voluntarily gave himself the day off on September 20th, 1998, ending his consecutive games played streak at 2,632.

- A.C. Green rightfully earned the nickname "The Iron Man" by playing in 1,192-straight NBA games.

Then, of course, there are the negatives. Long losing streaks are probably the most bitter pill for any sports fan to swallow:

- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers dropped their first 26 games as a franchise, beginning in 1976.

- Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates endured 20-successive losing seasons, a streak that finally came to an end this year.

- Probably the most infamous and notorious streak of all is that of the Chicago Cubs, who have gone more than a century without bringing home a World Series title. Last time the Cubbies won it all? 1908. 105 years and still going strong.

But fear not, Chicago. Your streak shall end, too. Eventually(?)...


  1. Streaks can earn bragging rights, or feel like a curse. Great post!

  2. Thank you, Steven. :) So it appears I am contending with a losing streak of my own in fantasy football. Come on Antonio Gates...I need 4 points from you to end my streak.