October 13, 2013

Matt Schaub's Last Stand?

By - Lauren Dundee

The facts are the facts. Matt Schaub is experiencing his worst season to date, and a team that many believed to be a Super Bowl contender is suffering mightily because of it.

Photo by: Jim McIsaac
Just five weeks in, Houston fans have completely turned on their starting quarterback, booing him relentlessly after every mishap, with some even going as far as to go to his house to voice their disdain to Schaub's face. So how have things managed to escalate this quickly?

One only has to go back to Week 4.

Following a blowout loss at the hands of the Ravens the previous week, Texan fans were already in a foul mood heading into the Seattle game. Houston appeared to be in control for most on the contest, but Schaub threw a pick-6 to Richard Sherman late in the fourth quarter which tied the score, and the Seahawks went on to win in overtime, 23-20.

It was the third-consecutive game in which the 32-year-old had thrown a TD pass to the opposing team.

Schaub wasn't done giving all his critics a reason to complain, though. Last week versus the 49ers, he threw yet another pick-6, on Houston's very first possession of the game, no less. He went on to throw two more INTs in an embarrassing 34-3 loss.

Backup T.J. Yates replaced Schaub in the second half.

Earlier this week, coach Gary Kubiak declared Schaub the starter for Sunday's matchup against the Rams, but said it was a "real tough decision" picking a QB. Naturally, his choice drew criticism from Texan fans, as many felt this game could be used to test either Yates, or third-stringer Case Keenum. On the other hand, Houston is favored to win versus a lesser squad, so this could be an opportunity for Schaub to get back on track and regain some of the confidence he's lost over the last several games.

But what if he doesn't?

The fact of the matter is this; if Schaub continues to struggle and morale in the locker room continues to slide, Kubiak will have no choice but to bench him permanently. It's simply the reality of the situation. T.J. Yates was adequate enough to get the Texans in the playoffs starting six games for an injured Schaub back in 2011, so he's shown he's a serviceable starting quarterback. If Yates were to struggle, Case Keenum showed some promise in the preseason, but it's safe to say he's not ready to be thrown into the fire just yet.

Besides, if it comes down to having to get production out of your third-string quarterback to win games, your season is more than likely already in the tank anyways.

At this point, all Schaub can hope to do is start redeeming himself in Sunday's game against the Rams. If he plays like he did against the Niners, it could very well mark the end of his days being the starting quarterback of the Houston Texans. He knows it, Kubiak knows it, everyone knows it.

Matt Schaub is on a short leash from here on out, and the collar around his neck couldn't be any tighter.

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  1. Schaub got hurt then Yates came in a nd threw a pick six. Lollllllll